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Embroidered garments are ideal for many purposes including employee uniform to create a strong identity and promote a brand

To be able to embroider a logo to a garment an embroidery frame is placed onto the garments and a backing fabric is applied to the logo area, this ensures that the garment is secure and prevents “puckering” while the logo is stitched. Sometimes, the frame can leave a mark on the garment but nothing that can’t be removed by simply rubbing or washing the garment. The actual process of stitching the logo is completed using a computerised embroidery machine, we use only the best embroidery machines available to ensure each logo is of the highest quality. Your logo is “digitized” and entered into to the embroidery machine and our staff select the correct colour threads are selected to ensure your logo is consistent with previous orders and matches your brand identity to guarantee the highest quality result

Embroidery works best on garments such as Polo Shirts, Collared Shirts/Blouses, Aprons/Tabards, Jackets & Headwear